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How to Choose a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy tends to be a difficult process for all parties involved although it’s unfortunately common. As bad as bankruptcy is, it is even worse to go through bankruptcy without the competent counsel of a great chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer. It’s good to note that not everybody knows how to find the best lawyers in the business. This means that you should know what exactly to look for when picking the right chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney for your unique situation. In this case you need to learn the best ways to finding the best attorney by considering the following things.

Find a true chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. Some lawyers go through their whole careers without ever really settling down to specialize in a particular area of law. They reason that if they work with clients of all kinds of different cases they will increase their bottom line. Unfortunately they cannot provide any of their clients with the level of expertise that comes with specializing in a single area of law. It’s good to note that there are chapter 11 and 13 bankruptcy layers but what you need is a true chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer specializing in exactly what you are looking for. There is need to look at the attorney area of specialty before concluding he is the best.

Right kind of experience. It’s good to note that you want the best chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer and not just any lawyer. There is need to enquire about your prospective lawyers experience since even if a lawyer has many years of experience but that experience is not working with cases like yours then you might want to go with a different lawyer. A lawyer with years of experience working exclusively with cases similar to yours knows a lot more about how to help you. Since the law is constantly changing, those who work with bankruptcy cases regularly are the most likely to be up-to-date on the best strategies to help you navigate this difficult process.

Local lawyer. The closer your lawyer operates to you the more likely they are to be familiar with any local idiosyncrasies in the law or even legal system. Even being familiar with the judges and attorneys in your area might help them give you an edge in your bankruptcy case.

Ratings and reviews. You should also spend time looking at ratings and reviews of chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in your area. Pickling the lawyers with top ratings helps you generate a shortlist of prospective attorneys. In addition reading their reviews helps you gain a greater understanding of each lawyer.

Personal connection. Even if a lawyer seems great on paper, you need to interact with them personally. In that way you get a feel of how the two of you will be able to work together. If the personal connection is missing, this can negatively affect the outcome of your case. It’s very much necessary to get a sense of the lawyer’s personal connection before making the final decision of working with them to help through your case.

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