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Reasons For Selling a Home to a Direct Cash Buyer

As you want to sell your home, there are various ways to choose from. You can opt to sell it through areal estate agent who will come to your home and calculate the value of your home and help you find a buyer by placing ads and waiting for potential buyers to show interest.Many people prefer this method because they will be less involved in the process but on the other hand, it has a lot of paperwork and it’s much time consuming. You can also opt to sell your home to a direct cash buyer whom you will be dealing with directly without any third party involved. A direct cash buyer can be an investor who wants to buy the house and resell it at a later time. Here are some of the advantages of selling your home to a direct cash buyer.

A direct buyer will come and buy your home the way it is compared to a real estate agent meaning that
even with the dents and the damages on the house, the direct cash buyer, an investor who wants to
resell the house, will still buy it. A real estate agent first requests you as the owner of the house to
repair all the dents and damages in the house so that when they are finding a buyer will be much easier
for them. The cost of the repairs is always on the owner. An investor comes and buy the house the way it is and does the repairs at his/her own cost.

A direct cash buyer pays in cash compared to a real estate agent. After the negotiations bout the price
of the house, the direct cash buyer pays you instantly in cash. A real estate agent finds a buyer from
anywhere, the buyer might be seeking a loan from a bank or money lending company. This means that
the buyer will pay you in bank for security purposes. There is also a risk for buyer not buying the house
because the bank or the money lending company might deny him/her the loan yet the buyer has already
entered the process of buying thus aborting the process before its over. A direct cash buyer comes his
own money. This means that the process will be fast and simple hence saving time for approvals of

A direct cash buyer comes himself/herself to you rather than the real estate agent who finds the
buyer for you. This delays the process because you have given the agent a time period to find the buyer.
If the agent doesn’t succeed to find one, the contract between you both comes to an end and you have
to sign another contract with the agent or find another agent who is more skilled and start the process
once again. This process might delay you from selling the house as fast as possible. An investor comes
directly to you without involving the third party thus fastening the process.

There is no complicated paperwork while dealing with a direct cash buyers compared to a real estate
agent. The real estate agents have a lot of paperwork which requires signing by both parties. This is at the cost of the seller and not the buyer. This paperwork delays the process. It is also important to note that a real estate investor can buy a house anywhere. The environment may be noisy or have a bad reputation. Dealing with an agent in such circumstances may be tricky but an investor doesn’t bother about what happens in the area.

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